Accounting offers a diverse career path that spans the public accounting firms, accounting and finance functions in the public and private sectors, and companies of different sizes. At the individual level, specialisations include assurance and tax advisory to other unique areas like forensic and environmental accounting. Do you know which career fields and positions best fit you, your personal strengths and personality?


The first of a series of Career Pathways Talks featured seasoned professionals from three different specialisations – Commercial Accounting, Consulting and Headhunting.

The speakers sharing some of the fun facts, myths, and misconceptions about their career with participants.

With this in mind, ISCA’s Young Professionals Advisory Committee organised a Career Pathways Talk on July 28. The inaugural session – the first of a series – featured three career paths, namely Commercial Accounting, Consulting and Headhunting. It attracted more than 65 young participants eager to hear practical advice and obtain in-depth knowledge. The speakers described the nature and scope of their work, as well as the pathways that brought them to where they are today.


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